Become A Member

What does becoming a member offer you?

  • A union wage negotiated with increases
  • Health and welfare benefits for you, your spouse and your dependents that includes quality medical, vision, and dental
  • Paid pension plans
  • Representation for safer working conditions and grievances
  • Sociability (Fishing trips, picnics, sporting events, political events, etc.)
  • Historically good availability of work through different contractors
  • Education and upgrade training

How to Apply

If you are claiming experience in tile setting, finishing or terrazzo, please contact our apprenticeship office to schedule an interview and hands on evaluation. After the interview and evaluation is completed by our training program, you will be given a classification for a pay rate. From there your name goes on a waiting list as an applicant. When the union has dispatched all the craftworkers we have available and our contractors are in need of additional workers, the union will call applicants to go to work.

Once you have gone to work for one of our Union contractors, you have 45 days from the time you started working to pay off the initiation fee to the Union. You will not become a member of the Union until the initiation fee has been paid. There is no money that has to be paid up front. The initiation fee will be reduced to $200 if paid off within the 45 days from the time you start work. If it's not, you will have to pay the full $400 initiation fee the union requires.