About Us

What is a Union?

A union is an organization of workers joined together for a common purpose. It exists to engage in collective bargaining in order to secure decent work conditions, benefits and wages. Workers found out that individually they did not have the same strength as they do when they stand together. Being in a union is the best way to secure your rights as employees.

Mission Statement

The objects and purposes of this Local Union are to provide for, protect and improve the general welfare of its members and the employees represented by it, both directly and indirectly by all lawful means and methods, and, more particularly but without limitation of the forgoing:

  • To organize all persons engaged in work within its jurisdiction for their mutual benefit, aid and protection;
  • To promote or establish wages, hours and other working conditions for all such workers;
  • To promote or establish programs to meet the cost of health care, retirement, unemployment and similar needs of all such workers and their families;
  • To promote health, welfare and safety of all such workers and their families;
  • To promote, foster and develop programs to increase employment opportunities for such workers;
  • To promote, foster and develop apprenticeship programs, training programs and other means to advance the skill, efficiency, and working knowledge of its members;
  • To promote, foster develop industrial peace and harmonious relations between employees and employers;
  • To promote, foster and develop programs which advance the social utility and efficiency of the industries employing its members;
  • To promote, foster and develop the interests of this Local and its members as workers by such means as registration, voting, political education and citizenship activities involving its members and their families.